• Faster: Save Time Commuting to Work

    Use WeGoMil to form carpools & vanpools and get access to the HOV lanes!

    Faster: Save Time Commuting to Work
  • Greener: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

    Ridesharing reduces greenhouse gas emissions from private automobiles. Do your part by ridesharing & help the environment!

    Greener: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
  • Cheaper: Share the Costs of Driving

    Save money on gas & reduce maintenance costs on your vehicle – WeGoMil allows riders & drivers to share the cost of commuting!

    Cheaper: Share the Costs of Driving
  • Smarter: Beat the Beltway Battle!

    Carpools can use HOV lanes to avoid traffic congestion, and may have access to preferred parking. Start enjoying your commute instead of being stuck in traffic!

    Smarter: Beat the Beltway Battle!

Why Join the WeGoMil Community?

The WeGo Military Program knows how important community is to you. As part of the larger DoD community that protects basic values that makes our country great, you know first hand that takes – diligence, consistency, and leadership.

But do you know what it’s like to be part of a ridesharing community? Well it’s very much the same. A rideshare community is a new concept where commuters connect to form or join a carpool. Once a rideshare community is developed – the benefits are endless.

Those who are new to the WeGoMil community – check out the 4 S’s for a successful Rideshare Community.

  • Savings – Use Carma to rideshare and access the HOV/Express lanes saving time on your commute
  • Sanity – ridesharing with other makes for a less stressful commute/less driving
  • Sustainable – ridesharing reduces traffic congestion, and fuel consumption
  • Social – Let’s face it meeting new colleagues is fun – and this safe

Those who are veteran WeGoMil community members – you already know what it means to be an upstanding participant.

  • Diligence – logging on daily to connect with your community
  • Consistency – making sure your schedules are updated and photos are uploaded, ensuring optimal ride matches
  • Leadership – Communities thrive when people are connected and information is shared. Become a WeGoMil Ambassadors and help grow ridesharing at your installation.


Your testimonial could be posted here as well! Please use the information found at the bottom of this page to contact us.

We have been using Carma now for close to a month  and I find that it allows us to map our location to a from our destination and we can find other active users in a radius around us who may also need a ride.  Another neat function is the ability to rate the trip with one or five stars, this in turn will let others know the history of the driver so that they can select a safe driver!!   I feel the system will truly cut down on traffic due to more people carpooling.  This will also help keep the Earth Green as we move to the future in protecting our planet.  Another unique function we like is the ability to be paid for driving and the ability to cash out if needed.  Money is always a good incentive for everyone!!!”

I heard about WeGoMilitary from an article featured in the Washington Post and went on line to learn more.  I  previously slugged from Woodbridge to Walter Reed Hospital and have since been BRACed to Fort Belvoir at the new Community Hospital.   The Carma App is a genius idea and the software is revolutionary for addressing my commuting needs into Fort Belvoir.  The app is nicely put together and looks great on the screen as well.   My main driver for carpooling is the expense and time savings by using HOV-3.  It’s easy to get two people to access HOV-3, and so the app will be great at finding that third person.  An added benefit is knowing that you are traveling with a co-worker also adds a sense of safety and security.”

When I’m asked about realtime ride share, I usually say, It’s the newest and most equitable way to carpool.”

Carma is a genius idea and the software is revolutionary for addressing my commuting needs into Fort Belvoir. The app is nicely put together and looks great on the screen as well.”

Carma matching provided the best commute day of my life – 25 minutes to get to work.”

Two riders a day, has taken the commuting stress away.”

We were at work in less than 30 minutes and the same for going home by using HOV-3.”

I gained an hour of my life back today!!!

My reasons for carpooling are the expense and incentives given to try the system.”