Mark Center

4800 Mark Center Drive Alexandria, VA 22311

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For transportation and commuting information regarding the Mark Center facility, please contact the following office:

Transportation Management Program Office (571) 372-7124 |

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Transportation Services

Connection Information, as of May 28, 2013:

These PRTC Services connect commuters to the Mark Center Shuttle Bus Services:

  • Metrodirect to Franconia/Springfield
  • OmniRide to Pentagon

These rail stations connect commuters to Mark Center Shuttle Bus Services:

  • West Falls Church Metro Station
  • King Street Metro Station
  • Pentagon Metro Station
  • Franconia/Springfield Metro Station

Shuttle Bus Services:

  • DASH Shuttles (AT-2 King Street Metro)
  • WMATA Shuttles (7M Pentagon Metro and 28X West Falls Church Metro)
  • DoD Shuttle – DoD CAC Required (Franconia/Springfield Metro)

NOTE: Common Access Cards (CAC) are required to ride at no charge when boarding at designated metro rail stations. Please contact the TMPO above for more information.