How to Use WeGoMil in Three Easy Steps.


Register for Preapproval

To register you must use a .mil, .org, .edu, or .gov email address and work at one of the qualifying military bases. To see a list of qualifying locations please view our locations.



Login & Add Your Schedule

Please log in using the button below & be sure to add your commuting schedule which we refer to as a trip. Please check out our tutorials below.



Download the Free App & Share a Ride

After you have registered please use the links below to download the free app or search "wegomil" in your devices apps store.

How Does it Work?

As the driver, you enter your origin and destination, and wait for a match. On your app profile you will see drivers/riders that are potential matches. To initiate contact, you have the option to poke, message or call a driver/rider. Once arrangements are made for pick-up to initiate a transaction give pin number to the driver upon entry into their vehicle. An automatic credit will be deposited into the driver’s electronic account based on trip mileage of $1 for pickup plus 20 cents per mile for the first 10 miles and 10 cents per mile thereafter.

Real-Time Ridesharing will become as flexible as driving your car alone to & from work, but much more cost-effective and faster if you use the HOV lanes or avoid congestion. Plus you, the rider or driver, can select the times you travel to and from work on a regular basis.

WeGoMil Real-Time Ridesharing is not like traditional carpool technology that makes you plan days or weeks in advance. Instead, everything is done in real-time, right when you need it, right now. When you’re ready to go to work, just login to the WeGo Mil community and look for riders or drivers in real-time. Then the system matches you with Drivers/Riders going your destination and you have an immediate, real-time commute.