Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How do I get started using WeGoMil to Real-Time Ridesharing?

A. It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Register to WeGoMil using your work email address at

2. Connect with your fellow colleagues using the WeGoMil app to book a ride

3. Start Ridesharing using WeGoMil today!

Q. How much does the average commute really cost?

A. Commuting can be very expensive depending on distance and if you drive alone. If you look only at the gas costs it may look affordable, but if you look at total cost including maintenance, insurance and the need to replace the car periodically it can be very expensive–that is thousands of dollars per year. The table shows the WeGoMil fares compared to only gasoline costs, or the full cost of operating a car.

View Commuting Cost Chart

Q. How do I earn money by offering my empty seats to others?

A. Many drivers can save thousands of dollars, tax free annually, by picking up a few riders. The standard rate a rider is charged, per seat, is $1 for the first mile and $0.20 per mile for the next 9 miles and $0.10 per mile thereafter. You receive 85% of these funds and the Avego network receives 15% of these funds. You are sharing the costs of driving expenses, but you cannot make a profit, or you would be considered a commercial driver. Therefore, we limit the overall reimbursement to the rate that the IRS has declared is the standard reimbursement rate for automobile mileage. In 2013 this was set to $0.55 cents per mile.

Q. Will WeGoMil work on any smartphone or computer?

A. Yes, you can access WeGoMil on any smartphone or via your smartphone’s web browser at http://www.wegomil.avego/r

Q. Is it legal to share commuting costs with the driver?

A. This is called “carpooling”, and over 12 million people in the United States use some form of carpooling daily by sharing driving responsibilities and costs. In the United States, Avego uses the IRS statutory 2012 rate of .56 cents per mile as the maximum amount that a driver can recover, which does not include fees such as tolls and parking.

Q. Can I use the same account to act as a driver and as a rider?

A. Yes, you can use WeGoMil to share a spare seat when you drive or ride with someone else.

Q. How do I identify a rider that I am about to pick-up?

A. WeGoMil will provide you with a photo of the rider. WeGoMil will also send a personal identification number to the rider, which you enter into your smartphone at the start of a journey to verify their identity.

Q. Do I need to use the iPhone WeGoMil application to book and take rides, or can I use a regular mobile phone?

A. No you can book a ride online or through the browser on your smartphone. Just login at

Q. Is there someone that I can contact to help me if I encounter any difficulties with the application?

A. You can contact the WeGoMil support team at any time by e-mailing

Q. I’m trying to book a ride, but it says I have no credit. What do I do?

A. In order to travel as a rider using WeGoMil, you have to be prepared to pay the driver, and partially reimburse them for the cost of the journey. The WeGoMil team will provide credits for journey’s taken during the first the month. Should you run low on credit during this time contact us at and we will gladly deposit additional credits into your account to keep you going.

Q. Can I eat or drink while on Real-time Ridesharing journey?

A. No, please have respect for the driver and refrain form eating and drinking in their vehicle.

Q. Data connectivity (4G, 3G, Edge) is spotty in my area. Will WeGoMil still work?

A.Yes. You can have drop-outs of data connectivity and WeGoMil will still cache the relevant information, as well as manage riders and pick-ups. So, for example, you could pick-up a rider from a spot even if there is no data connectivity right at that spot. However, because it does rely on the phone network, you will not receive any bookings when you are out of coverage.

Q. How does Avego make money?

A. We recognize that to help influence driver behavior, we have to get the vast majority of all rider fees directly into the pocket of the driver. So 85% of all the rider charges go straight to the driver! That leaves 15% to cover all the expenses of the Avego network: the financial charges (transaction charges from credit card companies, paypal, etc); communications charges (SMS charges, phone call charges and telephone network services, voice notification messaging charges); hosted services and bandwidth charges; marketing, advertising and co-marketing charges; and our research and development, general and administrative, and cost of goods sold expenses.

Q. I’m not seeing any services available in my area. Am I using the application correctly?

A. It may take some time for activity to grow sufficiently in your area to ensure that you are matched with someone most of the time. If no services are available, you can choose to subscribe to the service and we will let you know when there are more drivers on your routes. In the meantime, you can help to grow the network by encouraging your friends and colleagues to become WeGoMil participants.

Q. If I use WeGoMil as a rider, will the driver pick me up from my house?

A. No. WeGoMil will direct both the driver and the rider to a convenient pick-up location, usually your preferred Park & Ride Lot or near a intersection.

Q. How do I know that it is safe to get in the car with a driver?

A. WeGoMil does not vouch for every driver, but it does provide a self-correcting feedback mechanism. First, you are only matched with other commuters who have a .mil or approved .gov, .org or .edu from your military installation.

Users can rate each other following a journey. Riders may also select to restrict their Real-time Ridesharing matches to people they already know and trust. Remember, you are responsible for your own safety.

Q. Why do you use the WeGoMil credits rather than just use my credit card whenever I book a journey?

A. The main reason is to reduce the cost of the service. Every time you make a credit card payment, the credit card company (or Paypal, etc) charges the vendor (Avego in the case, acting on behalf of the driver) at least two fees: a per transaction fee and a percentage of the transaction fee. In cases where the transactions are just a few dollars, the per transaction fee can double or triple the cost of the financial fees and in fact make small payments infeasible. We use the Avego Wallet to reduce the operational costs of running the Avego service.