A new concept in commuting is Real-Time Ridesharing, where commuters offer their unused seats to riders in real-time and share commuting costs through automated, electronic payment system based on miles traveled. The system is flexible and designed around your schedule, you can depart as you desire, use the system daily or skip a day or two, and take advantage of the HOV lanes. You can be the driver one day and the rider the next.

The project’s  goal is to bring real-time ridesharing to DoD employees and contractors who were directly impacted by the re-locations from the base re-alignment and closure (BRAC), and traveling along the I-95/395/495 and Route One Corridors. The program serves these seven BRAC sites: Defense Health Headquarters (DHHQ), Fort Belvoir, National Geospatial Agency (NGA) or Fort Belvoir North, the Mark Center, Marine Corps Base Quantico, the Navy Yard, and Arlington Hall.


Our Goals

  • Encourage commuters  going to military sites  to sign up at Car.ma
  • Allow riders to search for a ride
  • Recruit at least 500 drivers and 1000 riders to participate
  • Achieve 20 ride matches per month, per participant
  • Reduce 120,000 vehicle miles traveled (VMT) over 6 months
  • Reduce traffic congestion, parking demand and fuel consumption
  • Determine whether innovative pricing strategies for ridesharing may change travel behavior
  • Quantify what critical mass of participants is required to create a self-sustaining, real-time ridesharing system

Who are we?

The Northern Virginia Regional Commission (NVRC) is a regional council of fourteen member local governments in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington DC.  The Commission is served by a highly trained staff, including a demographer and research analyst, regional planners, human services professionals, GIS technicians, and administrative support personnel.  With a rich history spanning 60 years, NVRC’s chief roles and functions have focused on providing information, performing professional and technical services for its members, and serving as a mechanism for regional coordination.


 Our Partners

The project is funded by a grant from the US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, with matching funds from Virginia Department of Transportation, the District of Columbia, City of Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfax Counties.


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About Real-time Ridesharing

Avego’s breakthrough real-time ridesharing software system (Car.ma) matches drivers and riders in real time as they travel, so you can rideshare whenever you want, from wherever you are. With the real-time ridesharing smartphone app, it is easy for commuters to create carpools in real-time, providing a marketplace for drivers to offer up their empty seats to other commuters, and helps carpoolers share the costs of the journey through an automated electronic transaction based on mileage. Once a match is made, the pilot will track the journey from pick-up to drop-off, provide automated security features, and electronic micro-payments that allow riders and drivers to share the cost of a journey.